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Vi installerar, servar & säljer reservdelar till storköksutrustning.
Vi installerar, servar & säljer reservdelar till storköksutrustning.

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Welcome to Service Partners RMS AB

Service Partners RMS is an independent company in the business of technical service and repairs of commercial kitchen. Parallel to technical services RMS wholesales a wide range of spare parts to other service providers across Sweden. We stock spare parts from the leading quality manufactures of commercial kitchens. RMS has close partnerships with many of the leading manufactures and our highly trained staff performs continuously installations and guarantee jobs for our common clients.



Technical Services
RMS is a leading company within commercial kitchen in the greater area of Stockholm. We have some 10 professionally trained technicians that preform service and repairs, regardless of brand. This is our competitive advantage – we are independent, but have organized collaborations with all leading quality brands. Both the management and the staff of technicians have long experience within the field and we continuously update our standards by additional training and courses.

Wholesale and sales of spare parts
RMS stocks a wide range of spare parts for commercial kitchens from all the leading manufactures. We source, stock, and sell parts to other service providers and vendors in all of Sweden and also other Nordic countries. We offer both personal support as well as 24/7 order services.  Thru our extensive network of manufactures in EU and US we can often source the most replacement parts to our clients.

After-sales parts and technical services
RMS is a proud “all-inclusive” – After-sales service provider for leading importers. In this best practice concept RMS tailor a service where we administrate all issues of guarantee claims, technical support, and order administration for spare parts. This includes stock-keeping and over-night shipments of parts nationwide, to other vendors and service points.

Our Headquarters are in Kista, Stockholm. This is also where our call-center and warehouse is based.


Service Partners RMS AB (RMS) was founded some 30 years ago. And it came into its current structure in 1999, with focus in technical service and spare part sales of commercial kitchens. In 2013 the whole company was acquired by Bodum Capital AB, and Patrik Hellström, former business development executive from pharmaceutical industries (Orifarm Group, Medartuum, Pharma Westen, Bringwell International AB) took the position as Managing Director.

RMS have some 20 employees of which 10 are professionally trained service technicians. Our revenues are about 30 MSEK per year. We are known for our everlasting quality improvement work and have a clear policy on environment and staff. Our modern and well-equipped service vehicles are seen as mobile stock of spare parts for quick fixes with high standards.